Talhotblond: (2009)

Talhotblond: (2009)

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1370889/
This is the true story of a love triangle that takes place entirely online. Lies lead to murder in real life, as a teenage vixen (screen name ‘talhotblond’) lures men into her web. Revealing a shocking true crime story that shows the Internet’s power to unleash our most dangerous fantasies.

# http://www.videoweed.com/file/dxsn30djwqm5g
# http://www.novamov.com/video/ie49wgetc6vhc
# http://www.movshare.net/video/8sz93maaxhyg6
# http://www.wisevid.com/play?v=5tbgAxwJccAb
# http://www.metadivx.com/olped3hrgcmx
# http://www.divxden.com/a904krsvwhxh/Extramina.Com.TalHotBlond.2009.avi.html

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